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Charlie Wilson.

I'm a veteran American voice actor with an incredibly rich career behind me. I've worked in theatre, commercials, infomercials, narrations, character voice overs, animation voice overs, games, films, documentaries - and that's just the beginning!


I graduated from The American Academy for Dramatic Arts in NYC in 1984, and then worked in theatre for 35 fulfilling years where I learnt how to hone my craft and undergo voice over artist training with the help of amazing mentors. My casting directors always loved my voice and it was they who pushed me to pursue a career as a voice over actor.


As someone who loved creativity and expression, it only felt natural to shift to the industry which would give me creative freedom to turn into anyone without worrying about whether my physical appearance was fit for the role.


Industry Niches

  • Radio/TV commercials

  • Brand anthems

  • Explainer videos

  • Training/instruction

  • Corporate/industrial

  • Documentaries

  • Trailers/promos


  • SDN/Phone Patch/Skype

  • Whisper Room Recording Booth

  • Neumann TLM 103 Microphone

  • Mac workstation/Adobe Audition CC

  • Universal Audio Apollo Interface



Mr. Gibbs
Golden Delight
Ace Hardware

Code Black
History Promo
Soccer Promo

S. V. U. NBC Tag
The Kick 106.7

IVR Demo

Russian Spy
Southern Judge
Drill Seargent



I love making people laugh!

Even though I've worked in a variety of roles, I've found that the most enjoyable roles for me are the ones in which my audience is laughing. I love entertaining people and bringing some positivity and enjoyment into their lives.

The best voice actor is the one who can turn into anyone.

Voice over artist services are not just about walking in and reading a script on the spot. It requires gruelling hours of practice and a lot of experience voicing for all kinds of genres to really get a grip on how to modulate the tone, depth, clarity, intonations, and nuances in your voice. It's about learning how to breathe at the right time and how to bring in the perfect length of silence to make a greater impact. Voice over services are not just about imitating human sounds, but also sounds of objects, animals, and even creating a totally new accent for your character! Show me a great voice over actor who hasn't spent hours in front of the mirror, practicing and honing his voice to suit a variety of roles and characters - I bet you can't! No icon was ever made from talent alone - being a good voice actor requires a LOT of hard work and practice.

Everyone has a voice, but not everyone can give a voice artist performance.

It takes a lot of grit - not to mention guts - to become a voice artist. You have to be confident enough to look like a fool!. After all, imagine a bulky looking guy voicing over as a little old grumpy lady - he definitely needs the guts to not care about sounding like that! So what do you need to do to become an outstanding voice artist? ● Hours and hours of practice to perfect your understanding of your own voice. Sounds surprising? Well, you'll be even more surprised to know what voice actors learn about themselves when they put in the practice and explore their voices. ● Script reading and practising in front of a mirror - reading different contexts allows you to decide what voice will best for the situation. And a mirror helps you make faces with the character's moods and adjust the nuances and tones in the voice for different scenarios. ● Experience in different genres so that you are equipped with a range of vocal abilities that you are able to vary at will. ● Knowing every voice technique out there so that you have more control and consistency in your voice acting for different characters. ● A voiceover studio with good equipment that helps you record with good sound quality for clients.

Why should we work together?

You're looking for amazing voice talent, and I'm looking for a project that interests me. Let's book a demo and see how well our interests align with each other! I have something unique that no one else in the world does - my own signature voice! And I always make sure that my voice talent service is of the highest quality. Each client is the most important client for me, and I make sure that no client leaves unsatisfied

Your project is important to me!

I know that hiring a voice over artist is expensive, especially with all the other costs your project incurs. That's why I want to give you the best voiceover services at the most reasonable rates and in the shortest turnaround time. No matter how large or small your project is, all clients receive the same attention to detail and commitment to quality. Together, we will elevate your project and make you a star! So whether you're someone from the entertainment industry or a private client looking to hire someone for a voiceover project, you've come to the right place. Stop browsing endlessly through voice over artist websites and agent directories. You can skip the agent fees and union rates - let's get started! Because if you're looking for a talented guy to voice your next project, I'm just the voice over artist you need to take your project from boom to kaboom!

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