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Voiceover Animation

You probably grew up watching cartoons like the rest of us - that's probably what pushed you to animation and now you're looking for a voiceover artist!


The professionals who voice over animation projects make it sound pretty simple, and you might even have wondered why hire a professional when you can hire just anyone with a voice for the job? It's going to cost you less, right?


But no! It will cost you your project in the long run to have someone on board who hasn't had the practice, experience, and mentorship, and who doesn't know the technicalities of tone, pitch, clarity, intonations, breathing, and silences. In other words, hiring a professional animation voiceover artist with the right experience and skill will be able to give your project the punch it

Types of Voiceovers for Animation

The good news for actors offering voiceover animation services is that even if their physical appearance doesn't fit the character, their voice may be suitable for a range of characters and scenes. A man may even play a woman's voice or vice versa and no one would ever know! That really comes down to the skill of the voice actor you have on your side.



There are three types of voice acting for animation:

  • Primary voiceover recordings: this is when the voices for the characters are recorded before the characters are animated. The sessions of the voice actor are recorded and animators pay close attention to the facial expressions and body movements of the voice actors for inspiration. A voice actor for the primary voiceover needs to have multiple voices for the character in mind - they're even allowed to make improvisations to the script and add their own personal touch to the character.

  • ADR recordings: this is when additional dialogue or sound needs to be recorded after the initial recording. Automated Dialogue Replacement often uses less famous voice actors for the voiceover who can make their voice sound exactly like the original.

  • Dubbing: dubbing for projects in another language is actually much more difficult than simply recording. You have to make the project suitable for an international audience and also pay attention to mouth movements and syllables of the original animation.

Charlie Wilson is the man you want!

Having graduated from acting school in 1984, Charlie took to theatre in NYC and has performed in notable performances such as Cat Among the Pigeons, The Cherry Orchard, and A Loss of Roses. His casting agents were the ones who actually loved his voice and insisted that he pursue voice acting!

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