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You can create an iconic character with Charlie Wilson!

The difference between performing an audio character and performing a character voice is very different. In performing a character, you're simply lending your own voice to the character. Whereas in performing a character voice, you're allowing the character's voice to take over you. Did you catch the subtle difference?


Look at it this way, when a voice actor lends his voice to a character, his voice remains as it usually is and listeners who know him will be able to recognize his voice. But when a character lends his voice to the voice actor, the voiceover artist will need to change his tune. He will need to change his voice to fit the character's history and profile in such a way that people who know him may not be able to recognize his voice because the voice is now so altered - not to mention that he will need to be consistent in the change of accent throughout the project!

What does it take for good character voiceover?

This job requires learnt skill, not inborn talent. A good voiceover actor may not always be a good character voiceover artist because he hasn't learnt how to change his voice, alter the pitch, introduce a lisp, stutter, tense the throat, place the tongue in that exact spot - to produce a unique accent for a character he is voicing for. This can only be achieved through practice.


Character voiceover scripts require the actor to have a good grasp on how to imitate different sounds - other voices, accents, musical instruments, animal sounds. Theatre experience is best for this kind of role, and to be good at this, a lot of time needs to be invested into this art before a voiceover actor can start bidding for character voiceover parts.


But lucky for you, Charlie's voice has been used in many films, documentaries, commercials, games, and animation projects - so he knows how to adapt his voice for any kind of role. And he's also spent years and years in theatre so you know you'll be getting the unique Charlie Wilson touch in your project!


It's all about getting creative and pushing your boundaries to really be able to step into the character's shoes. A shy voice actor will not be able to deliver as well as a confident one because he won't be afraid to look stupid in front of the camera to produce an iconic accent!

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