I'm a veteran American voice actor with an incredibly rich career behind me. I've worked in theatre, commercials, infomercials, narrations, character voice overs, animation voice overs, games, films, documentaries - and that's just the beginning!


I graduated from The American Academy for Dramatic Arts in NYC in 1984, and then worked in theatre for 35 fulfilling years where I learnt how to hone my craft and undergo voice over artist training with the help of amazing mentors. My casting directors always loved my voice and it was they who pushed me to pursue a career as a voice over actor.


As someone who loved creativity and expression, it only felt natural to shift to the industry which would give me creative freedom to turn into anyone without worrying about whether my physical appearance was fit for the role. Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy my work.


AdapTable Meals Commercial
How Does This Make You Feel
Dungeon Decorator-Board Game Ad
Tales of the North-Sherrif

Industry Niches

  • Radio/TV commercials

  • Brand anthems

  • Explainer videos

  • Training/instruction

  • Corporate/industrial

  • Documentaries

  • Trailers/promos


  • Source Connect/Skype

  • Whisper Room Recording Booth

  • Sennheiser(boom)/Stellar X2 Condenser Microphones

  • Windows Pro/Adobe Audition CC

  • Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen processor



Mr. Gibbs
Ace Hardware
Ford F-150
Raymond James
Golden Delight

Code Black
History Promo
Discovery Plus
Soccer Promo

S. V. U. NBC Tag
The Kick 106.7

IVR Demo

Russian Spy
Southern Judge
Drill Seargent
Cracker Barrel



Welcome to the world of voice-over with Charlie Wilson, where you can make a lucrative career for yourself with the dedicated voice-over artist training you get. If you have ever been told or complimented for having an incredible voice that should be on commercials or you dream of hearing your voice on one, we provide voice-over services to hone your voice and turn you into a successful voice-over professional.

We have qualified and experienced instructors who provide you with a solid foundation to make a satisfying career. As an aspiring voice-over artist, you can rely on us to help you stay on top of industry trends. The challenging atmosphere at Charlie Wilson encourages you to take your voice to the next level!

Along with decades of experience, our staff brings you carefully crafted training programs and voice acting classes to help you turn into the best voice-over actor!

Learning the Art

No more browsing through voice-over artist websites in search of training that turns your dream into a reality as you have got us! Our voice talent services are designed to develop your raw talent into exceptional skills. All our classes and tutorials discuss the numerous opportunities for voice talent artists.

Our expert coaches are successful voice-over professionals who have extensive experience ranging from TV commercials, corporate narration to video games, animation, and much more. They are dedicated individuals who provide students with the best voice-over coaching to help them start an exciting career. We make sure you make the most of your natural ability by getting the right training.

Your Voice. Your Adventure. Our Support.

Preparing Yourself for a Voice Artists Performance

If you want to become a successful and recognized voice-over actor, know that your voice is everything. Unlike other forms of acting, your appearance or any props won’t help. You have to work on every aspect of your voice to have complete command of it. Know the strengths, weaknesses, and boundaries of your voice by reading or singing something to yourself daily!

You can have a better understanding of your style by practicing daily. Readout aloud a script, magazine, newspaper, or anything your eyes fall on. Learn the various voice techniques as the more you learn, the better you will be able to perform.

Do not hesitate to take opinions as it will help you polish your skills and improve on any factor you lack. As they say, change is the one thing permanent. Know that trends keep on coming and going, which means you need to stay ahead of every trend. Stay up to date and search for relevant information and tips that will help you improve. Listen to your mentors, learn from them, and take their opinions as valuable lessons.

Comprehensive Voice-Over Training

We train both beginners and pros through our wide voice-over artist training services. From workshops, tutorials, one-on-one coaching to complete classes, our esteemed industry veterans assure you of a promising career.

We also offer free consultations to aspiring voice-over artists to give you an in-depth knowledge of our offerings and help you determine what is best for you. So learn with us and make sure your voice finds a place in this world!

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